Waka Waka Solar-Powered Light - "Gray"

Off-Grid Solutions U.S. LLC



Translated to Shine-Shine, Shine Bright or Brilliant!! -- Waka Waka is an award winning state of the art solar light that lives up to its name. Engineered from the ground up to never leave you in the dark, the incredibly energy efficient LEDs, made by Seoul Semiconductors, only use 0.5W of power and create a whopping 120 lumens of output at their highest setting.

The Waka Waka takes advantage of one of the most efficient mono crystalline solar panels (18% compared to industry average of 14%) currently on the market. This means that you’ll be able to use the Waka Waka light to do exactly what you buy a lamp to do - illuminate your environment when you need it, whether you are camping, or when the lights go out at home.

With 4 brightness settings and an SOS emergency beacon, Waka Waka has you covered whether you want a super bright torch (120 lumens), an ambient light (60 lumens), an easy reading light (30 lumens), or just a night time safety light (6 lumens). Charging the Waka Waka takes less than one day and will give you 8 hours of light on its brightest settings or 80 hours on the lowest. With its 800 mAh NiMh battery that won’t start degrading until it has been fully charged and discharged 500 times, you’ll get 3 years of solar powered light before you even need to think about replacing the battery.

Built from rugged ABS plastic and low-footprint materials, the Waka Waka is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. It can endure constant exposure to harsh UV light from the sun and is resistant to dust, heat, and rain. Its built-in stand works as a way to both point the light and to position the solar panel to get the maximum light from the sun and the circle cut-out allows the Waka Waka to be conveniently mounted to the top of most bottles.



Why WakaWaka?

Solar lamps in the past have been a big let down, mainly due to their low efficiency. What’s the point of a solar lamp if you have to plug it into the wall? We love the Waka Waka’s portable and bright design, which is backed by some of the best solar technology in the world. There’s one large button that turns it on/off and toggles the brightness and SOS beacon settings. The solar panel and LEDs are so efficient that there is absolutely no need for an alternative charging method and can even charge in overcast / non-ideal conditions. It’s that good.

We also like the versatility of the light. You can use it to light up your camping trip or backyard bbq (it will be warm soon, we promise), or take it under your covers for some late-night comic book reading.