Non Profits Solving Energy Poverty
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Non Profits Solving Energy Poverty

The WakaWaka Solar Lamp and the WakaWaka POWER are two tangible solutions we’ve created to solve energy poverty. The WakaWaka Solar Lamp provides high quality illumination for students, classrooms, medical facilities, and people working from home at night, and as such is a great way to fight the negative consequences of energy poverty on education and health care. The WakaWaka POWER provides the same great light with the addition of charging capabilities allowing those living in poverty to charge important devices such as phones, computers, and more. Of course, by using free, clean, solar power, the WakaWaka solutions also help fight climate change!

The Problem of Kerosene Lamps

Burning kerosene comes with big consequences. Made of a distillation of crude oil and sometimes called paraffin, not only is kerosene unsustainable by its very nature, it’s chock full of harmful chemicals that pollute indoor air.

  • Inhaling kerosene fumes is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes daily, contributing to two-thirds of the lung cancer cases in developing countries.

What’s more, fueling a kerosene lamp is expensive, stealing money from worthwhile investments such as education, nutritious food, and basics such as shoes and clothing.

  • For a family living on less than $2 per day, kerosene fuel often costs 20% of their income.

Worst of all, kerosene poses significant dangers to every member of the family. Tipped over, a kerosene lamp can cause direct burns and even ignite house fires.

  • 16,000 people are injured by kerosene lamps every single day
  • More children perish in kerosene lamp fires than those who die from malaria or TB
  • 6 million people annually sustain severe burns from kerosene lamps

The founders of WakaWaka wanted to create a financially sustainable, health-enhancing, safe solution for families living in poverty as well as a way for any consumer to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. Their answer is the WakaWaka Solar Lamp and the WakaWaka POWER.

Find out more about how you can purchase a WakaWaka for your own emergency kit, and how the WakaWaka Foundation is partnering with non-profits to bring safe solar light to the developing world.

WakaWaka Empowering Non-Profits

Organizations already tackling energy poverty can now access the world’s most efficient solar lamp and charger at substantial discounts through our unique WakaWaka Partnerships. Concerns over the costs and functionality of solar lighting for the bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers have been solved completely through the exceptional products and easy non-profit programs available to non-profits like yours through WakaWaka.

The WakaWaka Solar Lamp and the WakaWaka POWER offer exceptional performance in even the most demanding conditions. Not only has it been verified to be the most efficient solar light on the planet, review after review confirms that it’s durable, extremely powerful, and outstandingly practical. This is especially important for non-profits working in communities where wasted investments can have a devastating impact on levels of trust.

Your organization can use WakaWaka solutions for your non-profit work through two unique opportunities:

  • Direct-to-non-profit pricing: Offering a low minimum buy-in (4 case packs or 96 WakaWaka Solar Lights) for registered 501 C3 organizations, you can distribute the WakaWaka at an exceptionally low per-unit cost, whether you’re funding the program entirely or offering solar lighting at a subsidized rate.
  • WakaWaka purchase credits through retail sales: Your organization can generate revenue by retailing the WakaWaka to your constituents using a host of provided tools – landing pages, email templates, and web-based marketing solutions. This program allows you to earn significant revenue while also supporting the goal of ending energy poverty.

And that’s WakaWaka’s hope. After all, we have an ambitious aim to put our amazing lights in the hands of 1.5 billion people living in darkness. Your non-profit can be part of the movement – easily, affordably, sustainably.

Contact us to find out more about our Non-Profit Partnership Opportunities.

The WakaWaka Model

Charity isn’t the answer to the poor’s energy poverty crisis. A sustainable economic ecosystem is.

WakaWaka is committed to radically shifting the balance for those living with economic and energy poverty by combining outstanding technology and a unique economic model that will provide empowerment so that the world’s poor can lift themselves out of poverty.

The WakaWaka Model involves entrepreneurs living in developing communities, as well as international NGOs and consumers in both low-income and wealthy economies. The WakaWaka Model works like this:

  1. Consumers in western nations purchase the WakaWaka POWER, enabling the cost effective distribution of lights around the world.
  2. The WakaWaka Foundation uses 100% of its funds to provide a variety of services including micro financing, entrepreneur training support and energy education.
  3. Micro-financed entrepreneurs receive a sustainable income and become economically empowered while their families benefit from the use of clean, safe, solar lighting and charging capabilities offered by WakaWaka products.

WakaWaka has seen the transformational benefits this kind of sustainable ecosystem creates for those living with energy and economic poverty. Our hope is to create a fund so large that we can empower hundreds of thousands of solar light enterprises around the world for a cascade of change.

These economically-empowered individuals and communities will soon create a new middle class in their countries, the result of which has cascading benefits for the nation as a whole. Not only are middle class people more likely to demand more from their governments, they push for the evolution of political and socioeconomic systems from the grassroots for an extremely effective way to drive out corruption and attitudes of dependency. At the heart of it all is a sustainable business model and incredibly effective solar technologies.

WakaWaka has already seen incredible changes for those living with both economic and energy poverty. Take a look at some of the interviews we have done with social Entrepreneurs around the globe.